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    About DomainsAtSpeed

    In today’s age of digital marketing and e-commerce, a premium domain name serves as a valuable tool to reach millions of potential customers around the world.  As of Q4 of 2021 there were 341.7 million registered domains across all extensions worldwide.

    At DomainsAtSpeed, we offer a marketplace of curated domains within a range of industries and sectors, extensions from .Com and premium new gTLD extensions. Our handpicked domains can boost your business and sales. 

    This website features Intangible Domain Assets for Brands, Businesses, Fortune 500 Companies, and anyone interested in buying domain names. Intangible Assets are assets that are not physical in nature, this can include stocks, bonds, intellectual property, and modern day Domains.

    All featured domains are listed on the domain name marketplaces GoDaddy/Afternic, DAN, and Sedo.

    FinTech Domains

    Crypto Technology / Blockchain / Finance / Coin / Tax

    Future trends in FinTech, featuring domains for Coins, Digital Finance, and premium Crypto Tax domains for sale.

    Why Buy a Premium Domain Name?

    Premium domain names are memorable and highly valuable domains that have been previously registered but are available for sale. They are more desirable and are often more sought after by startups and buyers. 

    Premium domain names can be in various TLD’s or top-level domains that make up the ending of the domain name. The most popular premium domains are .COM. A premium domain name is usually as short as readable, making it easier to remember and type into a web browser, typically containing generic words that describe a business, industry, product, or niche. 

    Buying a premium domain name can be a great way to invest in your online presence and grow your business.