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ETF Holdings & Best Stock ETF Index Funds

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ETF‘s or exchange-traded funds are a basket of securities that track an index. There are now at least 5,000 ETF’s globally, with total ETF assets at over $4 Trillion. ETF’s are traded on stock exchanges much like stocks. ETF’s hold stocks, bonds, commodities and include low costs for trading. An ETF Holdings company  is a company that owns stock of other companies. is perfect for a pure holdings company that holds stocks, ETF’s and investments.

Investing in ETF’s offers many advantages over mutual funds. ETF’s have become very popular in recent years because of their lower expense ratio. They offer additional flexibility since they can be shorted when an investor anticipates a down market. ETF’s unlike mutual funds can be traded throughout the day. They also offer increased liquidity for traders looking for a short term buy and hold strategy.

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Looking For More ETF Information?


SPDR Exchange Traded Funds offers the world’s largest ETF by volume, the SPDR S&P 500.

Direxion Funds

Direxion provides a wide range of multi-directional and leveraged ETF’s.


ProShares is the world’s largest manager of leveraged and inverse funds.


iShares are the largest ETF provider in the world managed by BlackRock.


Guggenheim Investments manages investment assets.